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The KBMD Health Box Is Here!!

Wondering About the Types of Items that Will Delivered to Your Doorstep?

Watch the Video Below!

I Have Done The Homework for you!

KBMD Health only features products I have personally vetted and proven on myself and my patients. I have built a “Prescription for Your Health” and I want to share it with you now!

It’s here – The KBMD Health Box – and it’s going to change your world. What it is: Each and every month I am going to hand curate a set of products for you. But not just any products. You can be confident that every selection is made only after proven results my patients at my own practice. Along with my partners in KBMD Health, I will assemble the very best combinations for your health and well being, and then I will send them directly to your home every month. You will discover what works best for you and all along, every month, I will throw in some surprises and new products that fit your personal goals. Up until now it has been difficult to try and “wrangle” supplements and other health products by first checking for truth in the labelling to “does this supplement even do anything?” I’ve counseled thousands of patients that have simply thrown away hundreds of dollars per month only to find the supplements they have been routinely purchasing are just money drains with no health gains!

That changes today. With the KBMD Health Box, I’ve got a way to give you the very best of the best supplements and new proven discoveries on the planet when I find them and put them to the test!

I am so excited to be one of the very first giving you a box dedicated to improving your health for the long term each and every month. Think about it – on your path toward getting healthy you’ve no doubt been faced with like- millions of different choices… and it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE in this day and time to just “trust your gut” – That’s why I think the KBMD Health Box is so powerful. No guesswork on your part – Every single supplement and product in the box has my personal stamp of approval. They’re fully vetted and “KBMD Approved”.

I cannot wait for you too see what we will build together every month. When you Join KBMD Health Box, you are setting yourself and your health up for success by ensuring that your journey is straight and clear instead of cluttered with misinformation and indecision. Your first box will have you eagerly awaiting the next delivery from KBMD. Your UPS guy will know that day every month, he is delivering happiness to your door! This is your chance to be on the cutting edge of healing and wellness, for the long term. You’ll have access to the proven and effective supplements as well as brand new discoveries that fit EXACTLY within our core KBMD Health philosophy!

Your current thought may be – “Hey Dr. Ken, this sounds great, but vetted products, top of the line supplements, delivered to me… it sounds EXPENSIVE!” I’m a physician first. I created the world’s most affordable proven solution for IBS & bloating, and I believe we can more than deliver here. Other categories of subscription boxes begin at hundreds of dollars per month. But my mission has NEVER been to empty the pocketbooks of those desiring to find true health. In fact after surveying hundreds of my own patients that routinely pay well over $250 per month (sometimes even over $700!), often times with unproven products, I knew I could build alliances with like minded leaders in health and do better. The KBMD Health Box monthly charge includes all packing and shipping AND products for only  $147.00. Yes for $147.00 per month you will have the best selection of vetted supplements and latest health discoveries sent to your door.

No need to waste money on unproven supplements and time trying to sort through the marketing noise of products that will mislead you. The KBMD Health Box is going to make your health easier and more affordable.

So What's The Catch... NOTHING.

I’m going to take all the risk. You’ve got my personal guarantee, if you don’t like what’s in the box just put it back in the mail to us and we’ll refund every penny – and you can cancel your subscription any time.

I’m a passionate believer that you should NEVER pay for products that you don’t love—or which don’t work for you. So in the highly unlikely event you’re not blown away by what you receive in your KBMD Health Box, just say the word and their team will quickly refund that month’s fee. And, of course, you’re always free to cancel anytime without risk or penalty.

Of course, I have every expecation you’ll LOVE what I’ve assembled for you, and I know the value far exceeds the modest fee you’ll pay to have everything delivered to your doorstep. Still, I am 100% committed to your satisfaction, no matter what. You have my word and can invest in the KBMD Health Box with total confidence.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions comments or concerns



Sign up for your box and become a member! All members have access to the MemberBox marketplace where you can shop for more AMAZING products at member's only prices! Add these items to your box or ship now!

How Shipping Works

We ship once a month, all at the same time!

Shipping occurs within 2 weeks of the cart closing for that box. The cart closing date is indicated by the timer at the top of this page.

Once the cart closes and we have an accurate customer count we order products and send them to you!

What's Next?

What’s next? All you have to do is click on the button below and you’ll go straight to the order page – just fill in your info and the KBMD team will SPRING into action to make sure your very first KBMD Health Box is packed to the brim and out the door on its way to your place! Just think about it – Waking up each morning knowing you’re doing every single thing to reach your health goals that you possibly can… and knowing that I’ve got your back! Imagine getting to run to the door when the bell rings every month to unpack a brand new box of cutting edge health supplies hand-picked for you and knowing it’s all been curated to align directly with your mission and purpose!

One final thing… as you can see this is a brand NEW program and because of that there’s a very good chance we will have to set up a waiting list. So if you’re ready, grab your spot right now, I’d hate to have you get to the order page and find that you’ve been moved to the waiting list! It’s all ready for you – click the button now and get your KBMD Health Box!


Dr. Ken approved Supplements and products to support optimal gut health! 

I think that’s highly unlikely, as my team and I spend considerable time hand-choosing items we’re confident will have a BIG impact on the way you look, feel, and perform in your life. But hey, you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time — so if you’re one of the rare individuals who doesn’t love your box, you can get a no-questions refund.  Contact [email protected]

Your Box will ship within two weeks of the cart closing date! 


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